The KNAER-RECRAE (Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research-Réseau d’échange des connaissances pour la recherche appliquée en éducation) was established through a competitive process as a collaborative partnership among the Ontario Ministry of Education, the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario.

The establishment and operation of the KNAER-RECRAE supports the Ontario Ministry of Education's commitment to developing and implementing policies, programs, and practices that are evidence-based, research-informed, and connected to provincial education goals. Systematic identification, widespread dissemination and consistent implementation of effective and promising practices is critical to meeting these commitments to high levels of student achievement, reduced gaps in performance, and increased public confidence in publicly-funded education.


KNAER-RECRAE PurposePurpose

The KNAER-RECRAE focuses on building, advancing and applying robust evidence of effective practices through research conduction, synthesizing state-of-the-art knowledge from existing bodies of evidence (from Ontario and beyond) and facilitating networks of policy-makers, educators and researchers working collaboratively to apply research-to-practice. It also acts as a ‘knowledge broker’ to facilitate and lead the spread of established and new evidence through networks across Ontario’s policy, education and research communities, and connects with national and international networks.

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