Photos of the KNAer team in action!

2016 QUEST: Deep Learning in a Digital World (November 16-18)

KNAER Co-Director, Dr. Carol Campbell, co-anchors the Quest conference, joins 3 fellow Ontario education advisors on stage for a panel discussion, and shares education thoughts and advice on camera. KNAER Co-Director, Dr. Katina Pollock, facilitates a KNAER workshop on knowledge networks with Carol and KNAER Knowledge Mobilization and Project Manager Shasta Carr-Harris. KNAER Intern, Melinda Phuong, and KNAER Social Media and Communications Coordinator, Christie Ledgley, keep the twittersphere on fire with @KNAER_RECRAE tweets from #YRDSBQuest

Quest 2016 collage


2016 CSLEE: Values and leadership conference (october 20-22)

KNAER Co-Directors, Drs. Katina Pollock and Carol Campbell deliver, "Practiced what we preached: Using evidence informed practices to lead a knowledge mobilization initiative." Stay tuned for a follow up blog post.  KNAER Knowledge Mobilization and Project Manager, Kelly Bairos, designs a KNAER KMb poster and facilitates workshops on building lasting networks and network speed-dating! KNAER Social Media and Communications Coordinators, Virginia Brown and Christie Ledgley engage audience members in learning about social media and KMb. @KNAER_RECRAE #CSLEE

CSLEE 2016 Collage


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