Photos of the KNAer team in action!

2017 ONTARIO HEALTHY SCHOOLS: Towards Well-being for all (April 4-5)

This year the theme Towards Well-being for All, focused on Ontario's new Well-being strategy for Education, and what it will mean for the province's schools. KNAER's Well-being Knowledge Network was a proud sponsor for this conference and featured the Network's own Don Buchanan presenting details on developing a successful network, current research in knowledge networks and knowledge mobilization, and outlined the work of the network over the next four years. KNAER was able to make connections with many other booths, and was thrilled with the number of people interested in KNAER's work!

OHSC 2017 Final


2016 QUEST: Deep Learning in a Digital World (November 16-18)

KNAER Co-Director, Dr. Carol Campbell, co-anchors the Quest conference, joins 3 fellow Ontario education advisors on stage for a panel discussion, and shares education thoughts and advice on camera. KNAER Co-Director, Dr. Katina Pollock, facilitates a KNAER workshop on knowledge networks with Carol and KNAER Knowledge Mobilization and Project Manager Shasta Carr-Harris. KNAER Intern, Melinda Phuong, and KNAER Social Media and Communications Coordinator, Christie Ledgley, keep the twittersphere on fire with @KNAER_RECRAE tweets from #YRDSBQuest

Quest 2016 collage


2016 CSLEE: Values and leadership conference (october 20-22)

KNAER Co-Directors, Drs. Katina Pollock and Carol Campbell deliver, "Practiced what we preached: Using evidence informed practices to lead a knowledge mobilization initiative." Stay tuned for a follow up blog post.  KNAER Knowledge Mobilization and Project Manager, Kelly Bairos, designs a KNAER KMb poster and facilitates workshops on building lasting networks and network speed-dating! KNAER Social Media and Communications Coordinators, Virginia Brown and Christie Ledgley engage audience members in learning about social media and KMb. @KNAER_RECRAE #CSLEE

CSLEE 2016 Collage


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