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June 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below an update on the Knowledge Network for Student Well-being’s key network building efforts. Feel free to share with others in your network!

For a refresher on the organizations and communities of practice involved in the KNSWB network, please visit the KNSWB’s profile page on the KNAER website:

For a list of upcoming events, please scroll to the end of this email.


Sharing our work: In partnership withthe KNAER Secretariat and the Education Research and Evaluation Standards Branch at the Ministry of Education, we have been sharing our work at the following events:

  • Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, Gatineau – workshop & display table throughout the conference
  • Canadian Society for Studies in Education (CSSE), Toronto – panel discussion

Call for Proposals: the third Knowledge Network on Equity in Leadership and Learning (due by June 12, 2017) – the KNSWB provided support at Ministry workshops on proposal development; The Social Planning Network of Ontario (SPNO) is preparing a submission to be Network Host.


Offord Centre: Info session for School Mental Health Study (SMHS) team was held by Dr. Kathy Georgiades on May 25. A preliminary view of results from the study can be found here:

Social Planning Network of Ontario (SPNO): A planning meeting to build a Community of Practice on Equity and Inclusive Education for student well-being was held on May 4-5. Don Buchanan provided an orientation on the KNAER and the Knowledge Network for Student Well-Being (KNSWB) to the SPNO group.


New organizational structure: The Ontario Ministry of Education implemented a new organizational structure on May 15 to realign branches and to increase transparency to the broader community. Please click the following link for the Ministry’s new organizational chart:

Well-Being Advisory Committee: The KNSWB & Well-Being Advisory Committee met on June 2 in Toronto. This meeting provided a great opportunity for the KNSWB to share its work and expand its impact. Our network partner Dr. Kathy Short provided an update on School Mental Health ASSIST.


MoUs: Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with all KNSWB communities of practice have now been signed, budgets have been approved, and we now have completed implementation plans from all our partners.

Planning: KNSWB planning will be on the agenda for June or early September to plan for next year.


The Canadian Education Association is hosting “Well-being: A Key to Success” - Toronto, Oct 5-6, 2017. Further details at:

Physical and Health Education Canada is hosting the “2017 Healthy School Communities National Forum” in Ottawa, Nov 2-3, 2017. Details at:

PREVNet, our KNSWB community of practice for safe and accepting schools: annual conference in Ottawa, Nov 15-17, 2017. Further details at:

With thanks,

Don Buchanan, KNSWB Network Facilitator

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