Putting Theory into Practice

This project brings Stephen Lerman, one of the leading researchers in mathematics education, to Southern Ontario.

Project Category:
Visits by world-leading researchers
Topic Area:
Mathematics Education
Ministry Priority
Teaching and Learning, Equity, Engagement
Project Lead(s):
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Brief Background:
This project brings Stephen Lerman, one of the leading researchers in mathematics education, to Southern Ontario. Dr. Lerman is a Deputy Director of the Centre for Educational Research in the Department of Education, in the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences at London South Bank University (UK), and a highly praised author, theorist, and speaker on issues of teaching and learning, and students’ equity.
Research Context:
Dr. Lerman was involved in some recent Canadian initiatives, for example, in the annual meetings of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group (e.g., CMESG 2006). In 2009, with Brant Davis, he organized a colloquium on methodological issues at University of Ottawa. In continuation, this project will address a range of issues relevant for diverse teaching and research communities (and the general public), and result in resource creation (publications, videos, teaching materials, etc.) that could be used on an ongoing basis to inform research and practice. Action research collaboration will be encouraged and promoted.
Knowledge Mobilization Activities:

Dr. Lerman will engage in: (1) a research event at the University of Windsor (for Education researchers and graduate students); (2) an outreach event at the GECDSB (for teachers, consultants, and school administrators); and (3) a public presentation at the MathEd Forum of the Fields Institute in Toronto.

In order to mobilize research knowledge in Ontario, the following actions are planned: The sections of transcribed conversations will be made available to the public via the project website. Information will be posted in the ‘resource’ section of the Learning Forward Ontario's website, shared at upcoming Learning Forward Ontario events, and showcased in the Learning Forward Ontario's Newsletter.

In addition, the video clips of Stephen Lerman’s co-planning and debriefing of action research processes with teachers will be posted on the project website, as well as in the ‘resources’ section of the Learning Forward Ontario website. Teachers will be encouraged to apply newly created knowledge to their instructional practice and conduct collaborative inquiry projects within their peer groups and/or with academics. The outcomes will be published at the GECDSB website as the Collaborative Inquiry Reports: Teachers creating knowledge and improving learning for students, 2011-2012.

To increase the impact and use of research knowledge in Ontario schools, partner websites and list serves will advertise the proposed activities to teachers, consultants, researchers, and graduate students to recruit participants and to increase community awareness of research done in the priority areas. Together with Dr. Lerman, and based on conversations during the videotaped events, an action plan will be developed to promote research on equity and engagement of students by issuing a call for action research that will involve groups of education researchers, graduate students, and teachers.