KNAER Phase II Model February 22 2018

The Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER) is an initiative between the Ministry of Education, University of Toronto, and Western University to mobilize research and knowledge in order to improve educational practices and student outcomes. KNAER is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education. 

To advance the Ministry’s vision of Achieving Excellence, it supports and connects four thematic networks: mathematics, student wellbeing, equity, and Indigenous education.


Connections and Collaboration 


KNAER champions thematic knowledge networks that focus on building connections and collaboration in their communities of practice. The thematic knowledge networks connect researchers, educators and provincial organizations across and beyond the education sector in support of the implementation of the Ontario Ministry of Education's renewed vision for education in Ontario: Achieving Excellence.

The thematic knowledge networks build capacity for evidence use and support knowledge mobilization through co-learning, interaction, and leadership at all levels of the education system.

The Four KNAER Networks: