KNAER Phase I Final ReportKNAER Phase 1 - Final Report

The Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER) is pleased to release its Phase 1 Final Report, which reviews the utility of KNAER during its first phase (2010-2014), and provides recommendations for a KNAER Phase 2.


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This Phase 1 Final Report provides:

  • an overview of the purposes, mission, governance, and operation of the KNAER Phase 1;
  • an analysis of roles and activities of the Planning and Implementation Committee (PIC) during Phase 1;
  • a review of the work of the university partners during Phase 1; and
  • an analysis of the knowledge mobilization (KMb) strategies, successes, and challenges of the 44 KNAER Phase I projects.

To inform recommendations for a KNAER Phase 2, the report draws on the above analyses of the utility of KNAER during its first phase, and evidence gathered from:

  • a review of the relevant literature concerning KMb, research and practice connections and evidence-informed practices;
  • interviews with nine experts in these fields; and
  • a series of four strategic planning sessions with Ontario educators and researchers as well as an online Twitter #KMbchat.

The report concludes with a proposed model for KNAER Phase 2, which builds on, adapts, and advances the KNAER towards a "systems" approach to mobilizing knowledge within and across the Ontario education system. 

 icon download   Download the KNAER Phase 1 Report