About to embark on their own knowledge mobilization (KMB) initiative, and intrigued by the growing number of knowledge mobilization initiatives in Ontario, a team from the School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison visited OISE, University of Toronto in July to learn from skilled practitioners and researchers engaged in KMB work in the province. Over their two-day visit Jack Jorgensen, Beth Giles, and Paul Baker from Wisconsin gained insight into knowledge mobilization projects and research at OISE/UT including the Ontario Education Research Exchange (OERE) and Research Brokering in Education (RBE), both KNAER funded projects. The team also shared ideas with representatives from the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board’s E-Best program that summarizes current education research findings for educators, and the Research Impact program at York University that connects researchers with community stakeholders to improve public services. Further, the Wisconsin team made a special trip to the Ontario Ministry of Education to learn more about the Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER) which is a partnership between the Ontario Ministry of Education, Western University, and the University of Toronto and has supported 44 KMB projects across the province.


During their visit to the Ministry the Wisconsin team shared and received feedback on their own proposal to develop a knowledge mobilization strategy at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Education. This strategy would include creating a match-making service to pair community partners with researchers and taking steps to make research more accessible and useful to community stakeholders in order to improve education services. In part, this strategy would include creating a repository of research summaries written for educators with educators needs in mind – a strategy that the E-Best team, Research Impact team, and OERE team have had experience with. After presenting their proposal the Wisconsin team exchanged ideas with the KNAER planning team as well as Ministry staff, and shared how their ideas were developing as a result of their visit to Toronto.
To learn more about the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s visit and their developing KMb strategy, please see:

http://library.wisc.edu/news/2013/08/07/mobilizing-research-knowledge-in-ontario-and-wisconsin/ and http://www.wcer.wisc.edu/news/internationalResearch/2013/Mobilizing_Research.php


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