Thank you to the 100+ participants who made this MISA-KNAER event a success!

Bustling and lively, this networking event hosted by the Ministry of Education on December 4, 2013 brought together leaders from the Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA) initiative and the Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER) initiative, as well as Ministry staff. Poster presentations filled the room as the event kicked-off with opening remarks from Janine Griffore, Assistant Deputy Minister of the French Language Aboriginal Learning and Research Division, Taddesse Haile, Director of the Education Statistics and Analysis Branch, and Doris McWhorter, Director of the Education Research & Evaluation Strategy Branch at the Ministry of Education, followed by Drs. Carol Campbell and Katina Pollock from the KNAER.

The main event then got under way as MISA and KNAER leaders engaged audience members with their poster presentations and in dialogue about knowledge mobilization (KM). Discussions touched upon KM activities taking place in MISA professional networks and KNAER projects, KM capacity building, research-to-practice strategies, KM partnership building, KM events, and much more.

Ideas and suggestions for furthering KM in Ontario also began to flow. Some participants wondered whether a social network map of MISA and KNAER and other KM initiatives in Ontario would be useful for understanding where new partnerships can be built. Others suggested that KNAER has the potential to play a knowledge brokering role in future, connecting those with research knowledge to those who can use it. While others proposed specific ways that practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in Ontario can become better connected. Whatever the suggestions, conversations were thoughtful and thought provoking! We look forward to future opportunities to connect KNAER participants with other KM initiatives in Ontario.

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-- Shasta Carr-Harris, Program Manager, Research and Knowledge Mobilization, KNAER