Twitter Chat: #leadershipshine - Mobilizing Research for Early Years PracticesKNAER continues to support the Ontario Ministry of Education, Achieving Excellence: A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario.

Please join KNAER Co-Director Dr. Carol Campbell  and Jim Grieve, Assistant Deputy Minister at Ministry of Education: Early Learning Divisionon Wednesday, June 24th from 7-8pm at #LeadershipShine

The following are the draft questions to guide the chat:

Q1: How does or could research combine with your expertise to inform practice?

Q2: Where do you find and access relevant research for improving practice?

Q3: Are you participating in research or co-creating practical resources to be shared? Explain.

Q4: How do you share and collaborate to discuss research and your practice? Why?

Q5: What online sources for sharing research & practice have you found useful?

Q6: What could be done to support improvements in accessing or using research? How could KNAER help?

We hope to see you there!