nicholas ng a fook 28329 This KNAER blog is dedicated to Dr. Nicholas Ng-A-Fook and for his exceptional service to his students, faculty and community at the University of Ottawa. Nicholas focuses on "how we can address the needs of people outside the community” through our educational institutions. Nicholas is a recipient of the New Research Award 2012 as nominated by his peers. 

Nicholas is a social justice activist who is spoken of as an “incredibly hard working individual, a prolific writer and has offered a lot to the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa University of Ottawa. Nicholas has specialized in the history of education in oral history, community-based research, along with 78 different publications from books to academic journals to newspaper exposes. In 2007 Nick traveled with students to Louisiana to work with the Houma people to rebuild their infrastructure after the horrible effects of Hurricane Katrina.

In short, Nicholas walks the talk.

We are privileged to have Nicholas educating our future students, educators and community in the hopes of ultimately working together toward values that shape world.

faculte edu hor nbRecently The University of Ottawa's Faculty of Education released a new video that promotes welcoming a teacher candidate in your classroom. They attribute thier teacher education program excels beause of their school board partnerships. Check it out at

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