How can we make knowledge accessible on a global scale? How can we teach our present and future about Indigenous histories and ways of knowing?

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Dr. Jean-Paul Restoule has done just this. As a professor at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Jean-Paul offers a free course for anyone interested in learning about “Aboriginal World Views and Education” through Coursera.

Coursera is a for-profit educational technology company that offers a plethora of open online courses for free. With access to the internet, Jean-Paul’s use of Coursera enables anyone in the world to learn from his course.

Jean-Paul’s passion and profession focuses on making Aboriginal education accessible at a global scale. With a master’s of communications from the University of Windsor combined with a wealth of experiences in the Ojibway community, Jean-Paul’s free course illustrates that sharing knowledge is essential to a more culturally aware society.

Get a grasp on Jean-Paul’s website below:


Visit Jean-Paul's website for more information about his amazing research.

Lastly, here is Jean-Paul’s video that introduces the course.