Réseau de Savoir sur l’Équité | Equity Knowledge Network (RSEKN)

To access the RSEKN's website, please visit: www.rsekn.ca.

Réseau de Savoir sur l’Équité | Equity Knowledge Network (RSEKN), hosted by the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Education and the Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services (CRECS), is a provincial multi-stakeholder bilingual knowledge mobilization network that brings equity innovators together in order to stimulate activities and support product development that can be used to break down current systemic barriers to children and youth from marginalized groups.


RSEKN will support communities of practice, face-to-face and virtually, bringing together those who share a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusive education from across Ontario diversity.

Priority Areas


Refugee & Newcomer

Gender & Sexuality

Education for Students
with Disabilities

Minority Language Education
in Pluralist Contexts

Income Inequality
& Poverty

RSEKN 6 Priority Areas and Map of Regional Teams & Team Leads

Our intended audience includes students, families, teacher candidates, teachers, educators, researchers, administrators, school board personnel, policy makers, professional associations and community groups.

We acknowledge that our themes do not exist in isolation and that there is intersectionality among themes and events supported by the RSEKN. Our underlying goal is to reach across Ontario in French and English and engage those who share a commitment to addressing systemic barriers for children and youth in our education system. 

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Guiding Principles




Serving Communities

Network Updates and News

April 2018 Update

The University of Ottawa has been successful in their application to lead the Réseau de Savoir sur l’Équité - Equity Knowledge Network (RSEKN). You can access the RSEKN's profile page at the University of Ottawa by clicking on the following links:



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