Mathematics Knowledge Network (MKN) 

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The Math Knowledge Network (MKN), hosted by the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences (through its Centre for Mathematics Education), brings together diverse mathematics education stakeholders from across Ontario, in both official languages, to mobilize evidence from research and professional practice in mathematics education, facilitate the use of evidence-based practices for mathematics instruction to support improved educational achievement, and contribute to the Ministry of Education's Renewed Mathematics Strategy (RMS) in partnership with educators, researchers, and organizations across Ontario.

The MKN does not hold any one organization in Ontario as responsible for its success but rather takes a collaborative, inclusive, and province-wide approach. This inclusive approach will help build Ontario's capacity for mathematics education knowledge generation and mobilization and has the greatest potential for impacting teacher knowledge and student experience and achievement.

Communities of Practice

Intended audiences include classroom teachers, school-based mathematics teacher leads, mathematics education curriculum leaders, school and district administrators, university researchers/educators, professional mathematics organizations, and parent community groups.

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Guiding Principles

Educator Needs

Addressing educator-identified needs for improving student learning.

Changing Attitudes

Changing attitudes towards mathematics for educators and students.

Fostering Inclusion

Enhancing learning & participation opportunities for marginalized learners.

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