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KNAER-RÉCRAE participated in a #KMBchat on September 29th 3:30 EST.

A special thank you to Bonnie Zink and KMBchat.

KMBChat Purpose: Seeking information and advice to improve our goals in advancing effective Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) practices that support research use within the Ontario education sector.

Our KMBchat Discussion questions:

1. What are effective KMb strategies for supporting research use by practitioners?p>2. How can researchers be supported to develop/improve their KMb efforts?

3. How can effective KMb research-practice networks be developed? What intermediary roles are needed? Are there examples? 

4. Do you have suggestions for advancing partnerships between government, universities and practitioners for KMb?

5. Are there other features or principles of effective KMb systems to connect research to use in education that we should consider?

6. Do you have any advice for KNAER next steps to improve our goals to advance KMb & research use in Ontario?

The KNAER-RECRAE Team participated:

Dr. Carol Campbell (@CarolCampbell4) is KNAER’s Co-chair of Planning and Implementation Committee. She is an Associate Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, and is known for her commitment to and experience in connecting evidence, policy and practice for educational improvement.

Dr. Katina Pollock (@DrKatinaPollock) is KNAER’s Co-chair of the Planning and Implementation Committee. She is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education at Western University and is known for her research around issues of access to work and learning.

Dr. Patricia Briscoe (@KNAER_RECRAE) is KNAER’s Network Manager and KMb Manager. She is an instructor at the Faculty of Education at Western University and is interested in KMb strategies and using social media for KMb.

Shasta Carr-Harris (@ShastaCH) is KNAER’s Program Manager, Research and Knowledge Mobilization, and a doctoral student at OISE, University of Toronto focusing on KMb and system-wide evidence-based change in education.

Sofya Malik (@SofyaMalik) is a doctoral student at OISE, University of Toronto, and is interested in KMb program evaluation and equity in education.





The Results from our KMbChat:

Thanks to Bonnie Zink, the director of KMBchat who organized and compiled the conversation from the KMB chat. Results can be found at

Shared Resources: Building Knowledge Mobilization Plans five part framework and strategy approach to building a knowledge mobilization plan.

Moving forward - We still want to hear from you!

If you would like to contribute to the conversation and respond to any of the discussion questions above then please send your ideas, suggestions, advice, etc along to us via our twitter handle @KNAER_RECRAE or any of the KNAER-RECRAE Team members listed above. We also have a contact Form on our website in Contact Us.