By Patricia Briscoe

oers 15

Last week was exciting! The 10th annual 2015 Ontario Education Research Symposium was held in Toronto from Tuesday to Thursday (Feb 10-12). The theme was promoting well-being: Evidence to support implementation of the renewed vision. There were 40 plus speakers (speaker list), 34 workshops (workshop list) and a research exhibition of 22 exhibitors. Over 400 people from schools, boards, post-secondary institutions, and community organizations attended to learn and share about well-being. It was indeed a stimulating three days (schedule).

If you missed the symposium, then you can catch up on participant comments via Twitter. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. registered the #oers15 hashtag and you can view the archived tweets. Chris also wrote a twitter analysis. It clearly demonstrates the power of social media to mobilize knowledge and ideas. As well, below are a few of the keynote speakers Powerpoint presentations that were made avilaible to participants. 

Click the name to retrieve the powerpoint.