By Mark Henshaw


Montreal, May 14-15, 2015

The #CKF15 was no less than a blast! Laughing, food, friends and a lot of learning. One of our key 'take aways' was that Knowledge Mobilization is about paying it forward in a sustainable way.

The conference’s keynote speaker was an exceptional person who is Ubisoft Entertainment’s Director of Talen Development; Marc Bellavance.

Marc BellavancePerhaps Marc's takeaway message was to put the right people, in the right places, and with some luck (the right timing), then to let the experts take over. The talents and expertise of a team can enable the organization to rise beyond the boarders when leaders facilitate greatness. Their success is our success.

So perhaps paying it forward is the heart of knowledge Mobilization. While a “good” knowledge mobilizer may connect the dots and bring key people together, a great #KMBer will enable people to leverage people’s skills + passions so the team may excel beyond any circumstances. Sustainable knowledge mobilization is about applying either direct or indirect leadership where one’s team feels empowered to move mountains. One step at a time, but together, it can be done.

To read more on the #KMB15 Forum - check out the storify by Luc Dancause

La belle Montréal! Taken during the KMB walk.

KMB Walk Montreal