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The mission of the OERP is “to harness, encourage, promote, and disseminate the many good examples of research–to–practice already being developed in boards, schools, and classrooms”. Turning dreams into sustainable action is another way to broadly consider the exceptional work that the OERP has done for Ontarians and the world.

The OERP/CORE was established in 2006 to foster a sustainably collaborative community in Ontario’s education sector. There are little limitations to its scope, stakeholders and action. In times of economic challenges, organizations such as the OERP are necessary in order to foster the need for team-based research. Regardless of the funding amounts, the OERP serves as an example of accurate, efficient and collaborative knowledge translation and #KnowledgeSharing across Ontario and the world.

As a 2013-2014 OERP member, Manon Gauthier was one member who served as a Researcher at the Centre franco-ontarien de ressources pédagogiques (Franco-Ontarian center of educational resources). Manon has been the Executive Director of the Segal Centre for Performing Arts since 2009 and has extensive experience in public affairs and cultural management (Débute Maintenant).

ManonIn short, the OERP works diligently to attract some of the best and brightest knowledge mobilizers in education.

For more information on Manon and her role and the Ontario Education Research Panel of 2013-2014, check out her Linked’In today!

- Team KNAER