As we glance over our work since KNAER began in 2010, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the experiences that have shaped us into who we are today.

KNAER began as a tri-partite agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Education, The Institute for Studies in Education(OISE) and Western Education

Together we created a vision of making knowledge more relevant and accessible to a wide range of educators, and to translate that knowledge into fostering a community that values and applies evidence-based decision making.

How did we do that? Aside from our own publications, we have been privileged to amplify the voices within the educational community.

Since our conception, we created 43 completed projects with educational leaders across the province. To date, we earned 7, 189 engagements with our Project Resource Took Kit, 3, 458 visitors for our KMB Resources page, and over 2050 followers since our Twitter was launched in December 2012. 

Team KNAER Smaller

Members from our KNAER team have hosted, participated and contributed to countless knowledge mobilization events and conferences. Some include the Ignite Research-to-Practice Event, the annual University Council for Educational Administration’s conference that focused on Civil Rights in Education, the Ontario Education Symposium, and leading KMb chats via twitter such as #LeadershipShine.

Aside from bringing together educators, educational leaders, and researchers, the KNAER has also been privileged to work with an amazing team of leaders: Dr. Katina Pollock, Dr. Carol Campbell, Shasta Carr-Harris (PhD Candidate), Dr. Patricia BriscoeSofya Malik (PhD Candidate) and Mark Henshaw (MA Candidate).

Together, the team has accomplished a lot though we have learned even more.

So now to you.

Whether you have been a visitor, contributor, collaborator, critique, or a tweeter, thank you to all you have done to move KNAER forward in mobilizing evidence-based knowledge into policy changes and practice. Without your knowledge to share, we would have little to celebrate.

- Team KNAER